Welcome!, Willkommen!, Bienvenue!, Welkom!, Tervetuloa!, Hoşgeldiniz!

A big welcome to all my National & International visitors!

I have been running this Blog for a few months and never expected to reach out to so many of you in so many different parts of the world. So this is a big thank you to all of you and please keep reading my Blog. If any of you have any questions then please message me and I will be happy to answer.

Have a lovely day wherever you are in the world!


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This is the official page for the Cheesy1 Blog. I'm a Cheese Writer/Advisor, Judge & former Guild of Cheese Graders member. I'm also available as a Professional Cheese Speaker. I'm passionate about cheeses and local produce but in my own unique cheesy way. If you have any questions please ask me via my blog or e-mail me at jhb.cheese@gmail.com and I shall try to be as helpful as possible. Thank you for showing an interest in my Blog. Cheesy1

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