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Good Evening to you from a progressively colder England!

Sorry for the lull in posts but I’m back and with some exciting news! (Read On For More ;))

Well although seeming a distance memory In October I met up with my friend Gen Robison who is always a joy & pleasure to meet. We met to put the finishing touches together for our festive work to be published on Allrecipes UK. I’m extremely proud because this is the first time I have worked with someone who is based in Seattle and works for an amazing website which I use all the time. I just hope that you all appreciate our work and because of this have a Wonderfully Merry Christmas.

Now this is where it makes your Christmas slightly easier! With the help of Gen I have produced some festive themed recipes for Allrecipes using cheeses from around the UK, and with that season knocking our wreath laden doors then what better way to celebrate Christmas than through cheese. Now you can search for Me and my recipes at . Below is the list of festive recipes we have developed which you can find at . These are simple to make and have enjoy written all over them :

1. Kit Calvert Wensleydale with spiced Christmas sauce
2. Aged Red Leicester cheese and vegetable bake
3. Capricorn goat’s cheese and cranberry filo parcels
4. Tickling cheese straws
5. Lyburn Lightly Oak Smoked cheese sauce
6. Potted Colston Bassett Stilton with chocolate biscuits
7. Broccoli and Cauliflower Keen’s Cheddar cheese
8. Stoney Cross cheese with a peppered New Forest honey
9. Baked Godminster Brie with English honey and mustard
10. Wookey Hole Cheddar cheese soufflé

All these recipes are using a cheese as the main ingredient and hopefully will entice people to think outside the cheese box this Christmas season, to find please click this link and look for the recipe at .

So for now I wish you all well in the build up to Christmas and If I can offer any assistance into making your ‘perfect’ cheeseboard just email me at for advice.

Have a good evening


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