Perl Wen ‘Brie’ like soft cheese – Organic, Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable For Vegetarians


I’m going to kick start 2014 off with a cheese that I discovered through a mistake, because we had it delivered into our Waitrose Branch by accident and boy am I glad that the mistake happened! Today I’m featuring Perl-wen an extremely creamy & indulgent soft ‘brie’ like cheese (Which I’m eating while writing this 😉 ). This cheese starts its life as a traditional Caerffili (Caerphilly) making it a unique starting point for the cheese. When the cheese is soft and succulent it has a citrus centre which can be enjoyed with a crisp white wine. What makes this cheese even more versatile is the creaminess so it is great to use in toppings, in tarts and in baguettes, although I think enjoyed on cheese biscuits this is just sublime. The paste that forms when ripe and left out of the fridge for a length of time is simply wonderful with a taste that brightens even the most darkest winter night.

If your local Waitrose, cheesemonger or online shops stocks this then take the plunge and purchase a piece because once you have had this soft creaminess in your food life you wont be able to stop buying it!

I hope that you get the chance to try this and if you do please add a review in the comments below.

Good Evening To You All


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