Goats cheese shortages hit – The Grocer

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Unfortunately tonight I bring some recent cheese news that until recently I didn’t think could come true, but unfortunately I have been proven wrong. The article over at The Grocer warned goats cheese supplies were set to tighten and it has started so please follow the link for the full article here: Goats cheese shortages hit.

After reading the article above I have added my comments below so please return and I would love to hear my Followers thoughts as well 🙂

Having kept an eye on this situation to see how it develops I have been thinking about what alternatives people who eat goats/ chevre cheeses have and really its limited but Sheeps/ Ewes cheese are the direction to head in. Although different in tasting characteristics to goats cheese the Milk is comparable so it makes it the closest alternative without being in such high demand. My concern though is not finding the alternatives but the effect it will have on the Goats cheese industry, because goats cheeses are the latest and greatest movement in the cheese world. They have been pushed as the healthy cheese option, and as new assortments in supermarkets and shops increase I fear it may be difficult to build the demand back up as people like consistency when buying foods. I would like to think that it will push goats cheese to the “grass is greener on the other side” and when this shortage tightens its grip it increases awareness, and when we come out of the shortage the goats cheese industry flourishes again and returns to a stronger position.

Nobody knows to what extent the shortage will affect the goats cheese industry but until we have gone through it what I will say is that on this planet there are some fabulous goats cheeses who have people reliant upon the production of their cheese, so I ask you to bear with the shortage and support your goats cheeses once the supplies have increased and become more available again in the future.

So please support whichever goats cheese floats your goat!


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2 thoughts on “Goats cheese shortages hit – The Grocer

  1. There are some fantastic local goats cheese producers, obviously more and more people are realizing how tasty it can be.
    I do hope this does not lead to goats being intensively raised!
    Why is goats’ cheese considered the healthier option?


  2. I agree with you Julia. It is considered healthier because the digestive system can break down the fat in the milk easier than cows meaning it is better for people that suffer lactose intolerance and people who are looking to reduce fat in their diets.


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