Tickler Cheddar – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable For Vegetarians


Nothing will tickle your tastebuds more than a piece of Tickler cheddar! A cheddar thats as understated as the pong that comes from an extremely ripe brie in your fridge! But do not fear because behind the upfront name, packaging and marketing is a serious cheddar produced in Taw Valley, Devon. Recently bought by the Castello Cheese brand this 18 month old matured cheese is Extra Mature verging on Vintage status. This cheese is creamy & nutty with a nice tickle for your tastebuds; briliant for all cheese lovers. It serves well with a crisp west country cider to a smooth red wine, for foods it pairs will with apples, chutneys and pickles. If served on a cheeseboard then choose oat crackers as it complements the Tickler beautifully.

So can you serve it on a cheeseboard?

Of course! Even if it isnt round with rind doesnt mean that its not a good quality cheddar. The tip is to get your Cheesemonger (where ever they may be) to cut it into a triangular wedge to give a more profesional look to your cheese for a board serving.

So all thats left now is to go and tickle your tastebuds! Why not the weekend is only just round the corner 😉


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