Meat And Cheese ‘As Bad For You As Smoking’


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I’m working on this while on lunch at work today as I have been thinking about a recent news story which can be read here Now I know that there are many different foods that our considered bad for our health but this affects both aspects of my life in retail. Now I cannot tell you on which way to lead your lives so I will leave that to your own personal choice, but what I can say is that regardless of the facts it seems that different foods have different times it can affect our bodies. Having read through the article (which was also printeed in the national newspapers in the UK) I have to take note that within my line of work I will have to look at what I eat and the moderation required to regain balance.

Excuse the unhealthy saying but everything should be taken with a pinch of salt, because what affects one of us might not affect the other one. Advice should be sought through a medical profession if considering any dietary changes.

I would be interested in knowing where you stand on this, so please comment below.


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