Dziugas 24 & 36 Month – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable For Vegetarians

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This week I’m going to post about two varities of the same cheese on the same post, to help I will separate each cheese with a title so that you will know which maturity your reading about.

Dziugas 24 month-aged cheese
Dziugas 24 month-aged cheese

24 Month-Aged Dziugas

Dziugas cheese is produced in Lithuania and is the most popular cheese out there and if you have never hard of this cheese neither had I until the Food Expo in March. So it looks a lot like a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese with the taste of a combination of Parmigiano & Old Amsterdam. This cheese is very moreish and the 24 months version has a mature flavour with a richness in its taste. This cheese lead to flavours of sharp & strong but reminds you of dried fruits and cheese combined. Serve with a glass of wine, or with onion & fig chutney, blueberry, peach, orange or apricot jam. You could even soak the cheese in dried fruit and red wine sauce for an extra sweet and savoury flavour.

Dziugas 36 month-aged cheese
Dziugas 36 month-aged cheese

 36 Month-Aged Dziugas

This version is slightly different although it isn’t too dissimilar from the 24 month. It is still strong and slightly bitter but it adds a spiciness to it with a smaller resemblance to fruit this time. As I’m writing this I have some sat on a plate by my side with some honey and it matches perfectly with the sweetness (sometimes this job is difficult 😉 ). Out of the two I prefer the first as its slightly more complex and the flavour is more unique, it also follows more of a taste I enjoy. I really do suggest for you to try this cheese from Lithuania because it is really rather special cheese and can be enjoyed for eating or for cooking.

If you are interested in trying Dziugas this is the link to buy some direct and if you happen to stumble across some in the UK then pick some up and give it a go. It is a little tricky to get hold of all of the maturity’s but keep searching and hopefully you will prevail.



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