Red Anster ‘Sister cheese to Anster’- Unpasteurised Cow’s Milk, Not Suitable For Vegetarians

Jane Stewart with her lovely artisan cheeses
Jane Stewart with her lovely artisan cheeses

Hello Readers this is part 2 of St Andrews Cheeses,

This is the ‘sister’ cheese to the Anster which you can read about on my blog as It was posted the same to as this one. Following the same production method with its milk and rennet this cheese has the same crumbly and lemon tang but this isn’t so prominent, because during production they add fresh garlic & chives with a splash of annatto (A naturally occurring seed that produces a potent colorant usually red, yellow or orange which is added to food for colour) to give it a different flair & flavour. The maturation is slightly less for this cheese which is between 2-4 months. The most noticeable thing however is that because this cheese uses fresh garlic & chives it has an amazing aroma and the flavour when eating is strong and not ‘wishy-washy’. This would make a welcome addition to a cheesy garlic bread, melted in a pasta dish, a salad or served with barbequed meats particularly on top of good quality burgers.

Finding this cheese can be difficult but I suggest you phone St Andrews Cheese Co. on 01333 312580 as they would be more than happy to help you.


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