Wensleydale with raspberry & white chocolate – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable for Vegetarians

Good Morning,

Today I bring you a lovely & indulgent cheese from the Truckle cheese co. and it is packed full of a lovely flavour which could be served with a champagne on Valentines Day or at a picnic for two. I was introduced to this cheese at the Food & Drink expo 2014 at the Truckle cheese co. stand, and they were yet again two amazingly passionate people with a good sense of humour.


This wensleydale cheese has been produced to be creamy & mellow so that when blended with sweet yet sharp raspberries and the addition of white chocolate curls the three elements come together in a gloriously luxurious cheese which is best served as a dessert cheese. The taste of this cheese may not be for everyone and a sweet tooth is needed but that said I thoroughly enjoyed this cheese even though I have had a Belgian chocolate cheese before which was horrid. I didn’t let that put me off trying this and I’m so glad it didn’t because for a flavour added cheese it worked perfectly.

If your after a cheese that you can take on a couples picnic or for anniversary dinner then order some today as this will fit in just right. You can purchase this cheese from Victoria’s Deli (http://www.victoriasdeli.co.uk/shop/wensleydale/wensleydale-raspberry-white-chocolate-300g-heart/) which is supplied directly from the Truckle cheese company.



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