Disneyland Paris set to open Ratatouille the ride on July 10 with cheese featured everywhere!

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This weekend at the Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris is the press event for Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Remy. Disney will gather media and press attention from across the globe to help advertise the fact that its opening a state of the art approximately £150 million attraction on July 10th 2014. Now what does this have to do with cheese I hear you say? Well put simply within the Ratatouille film there are cheese loving rats, Disney have then done their best to incorporate cheese related things within the ride. Ranging from theming actually within the ride, cheese served in the Bistrot Chez Remy restaurant attached to the ride and cheese themed merchandise in the shops Disney will be using cheese in all aspects.

With a trip to Disneyland Paris planned for November for the start of the Christmas season a ride on this with a trip to the restaurant is certainly on the list of things to do. The idea of Bistrot Chez Remy is to provide a more authentic French/ Parisian dining experience to its guests. While Disneyland Paris doesn’t exactly lack restaurants, the Walt Disney Studios park does so this will make a welcome addition; hopefully! Having followed a report on the menu at http://dedicatedtodlp.com/2014/05/28/disneyland-paris-news-ratatouille-bistrot-chez-remy-menu-trial-report-photos/ I have already decided to order the Brie de Meaux from Trente Arpents Farm with fruit bread and vine peach jelly. It may just be one cheese but this type is certainly one of the most popular in France. The idea of fruit bread with it sounds delicious and having no idea what the vine peach jelly is like I shall have to wait and see but it makes my mouth water thinking about it.

Since reading the report on DedicatedtoDLP I have researched into the Brie de Meaux and Disneyland Paris have certainly picked an amazing Brie with a prestigious history. The family that produce the cheese are the Rothchild’s and they have had many jobs through the generations ranging from “brokers and financiers, as bankers to royal houses and governments, as railway magnates, politicians, personalities, patrons and philantropists, the Rothschilds have never forgotten how to “walk with Kings – nor lost the common touch”.

The Rothchild’s farm is located in Seine-et-marne which is less than 40km away from Paris. The Trente Arpents Farm is know one of the most important & significant dairy farms in France. Roughly 20 years ago the Trente Arpents Farm started cheese production but it was difficult because production in this area had all but disappeared due to health regulations and economic problems. When choosing a dairy cow the farm chose the best dairy cows Prim’Holsteins which allows them to collect high quality raw milk straight from the farm. The Rothchilds estate produces two AOP (Appellation d’Origine ProtĂ©gĂ©e) cheeses – Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun. A third cheese was developed within the last few years Brie de Provins, which is soft ripe cheese with a flowery rind similar to St. Albray in appearance. The Rothcild website suggests to accompany their Brie de Meaux with a rustic French bread, grapes, dried fruit or honey, but If you feel like super indulging then a black or white truffle based accompaniment will open a different world of flavours. This Brie de Meaux will suit a French red or white wine so just pick your favourite and your away.

Having never personally tried this particular Brie de Meaux I won’t offer any tasting notes on it yet but I will report back in November once I have tried it. The only thing I will say is that when the Bistrot Chez Remy serve it will the guests be that aware of the prestigious cheese they are eating? I’m not sure but I really hope that Disney does its best to sell this cheese and give it the justice it deserves, judging by this picture it doesn’t look like they are letting it down.

I wish Disneyland Paris the best of luck with the opening and I cannot wait to be there in person to experience it all for myself.

Have a magical weekend!

Jon 🙂



(All pictures used in this post do not belong to me and can be credited to The Walt Disney Company, Disneyland Paris & any associated Disney subsidiary and DLP Today http://www.dlptoday.com/. I would also like to mention Dedicatedtodlp.com for the link to their own article.)

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