Italian piazza market arrives in Hythe



 Good Morning Readers,

I hope you all enjoyed the post about Willie’s Cacao and I had a lot of fun writing that post. With the summer sun making an appearance this Saturday you couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for the Italian market in Hythe! The sun was out and the smell of Italian foods filled the air with taste bud tingling delights and boy what a treat that was. Just like the French market the Italian market visits once a year and has a plethora of foods from oils & vinegars to a lovely selection of artisan cheeses, and as you can see in the photo below you wouldn’t have been disappointed with the foods on sale.


I have a love with Italian foods & delicacies but having never been to Italy (which I hope to rectify soon 😉 ) this makes it more accessible to people. Each of the store owners were friendly and welcomed you over to look at the wares they had for sale. As always a direct route to cheese was the only option as I can’t wait to see what there is for sale.

Here are some pictures of the cheese stall:

WIN_20140712_094033 WIN_20140712_094019 WIN_20140712_094026 WIN_20140712_094038

These cheeses made me feel even more hungry and I just had to leave with a selection, I purchased three cheeses Monte 27, Provolone & a Smoked Mozzarella (Each one I will review on the blog over the coming weeks). I tried to buy three cheeses which I haven’t had before and seeing as the weather was hot I planned to get some burgers and add the Smoked Mozzarella as the cheese to melt over the top as a slightly different flavour edge to the burger. Having purchased the cheeses and planned the dinner for Saturday I headed back round for another look and bought a nice bread  stick to have as a substitute to a bun for the burgers.

Having got all the necessary cheese & bread I decided to finish my trip to the market and headed home for an afternoon in the sun. Once again the variety and amount of support for this market surprises me but I really hope that it keeps going for years to come as I really enjoy visiting in my local village.

To finish I will post some other photos from the market:



Thank you all for reading and I will be at the Lymington Italian Piazza tomorrow from 10am if anybody would like to meet up? If you would like to meet please message me on

Have a lovely Sunday!


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