New series of Food Unwrapped starts with a feature on Mozzarella


Hello readers,

This week on Channel 4 started a new series of Food Unwrapped, this programme looks at how our foods from around the world actually make it to our dinner plate going behind the scenes to get the answers. The first episode in series 4 looked at Mozzarella production in Campana, Italy which is where you get the best quality from as they use Buffalo milk. Now I love this cheese because its rich, smooth & silky and is so delicious you can just peel it apart and eat it straight away. I also love the programme even though sometimes it opens your eyes to the reality of some questionable food production, but is that really a bad thing? Although there is nothing questionable about the production of this delicious cheese.

Now below is a link to the whole episode but it might not be available outside the UK so I apologise for that but if you can find a Buffalo Mozzarella close to you go out and try it because you wont regret it! They go in search of what exactly the liquid is that comes packaged with the Mozzarella, and in short its a brine that protects the cheese during transportation and keeps a sort of rind/membrane around the cheese so it doesn’t break apart and come bits, but to see the full production process watch below:

The whole programme is around 25mins long and if you have never seen it before it is worth watching and I’m sure you will watch every week from that point on as have I. I hope that you have been able to watch and its given you an insight into how they make this wonderful cheese.



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