Cornish Blue – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk & Suitable for Vegetarians

Good Morning Cheese Eaters!

This Sunday I bring you a crossover tie in from My Allrecipes section on the Blog as I’m featuring Lamb Burgers with Cornish Blue cheese, so why not feature the cheese as well! With the continued sunshine we have been having here in the UK It got me searching for a delicious recipe that I could feature for people to BBQ. What better resource to turn to than where there is also a BBQ section on the site! Last year Genevieve & Me collaborated to come up with the recipe for Fancy Lamb Burgers with Cornish Blue Cheese ( . Cornish Blue Cheese is a great addition to any cheese board, simply enjoyed on crusty bread or a cracker with chutney and a glass of port and is utterly delicious in a summer salad with walnuts.

So what is the story behind the cheese?

Well Cornish Blue Cheese is an artisan hand made cheese which uses milk produced from milk the Stansfield’s family farm on the edge of Bodmin Moor near Liskeard in Cornwall. Because the cheese is artisan a team of highly trained cheese makers spend many hours creating these wonderful cheeses and the cows’ milk cheese is also dry salted by hand before being left to mature for between 12 and 14 weeks.

This cheese has been created so that it can be eaten young and is made so that it has a mild & creamy flavour with a dense texture and buttery richness. It has a lovely sweet & smooth flavour unlike the most commonly found ‘salty tang’ flavour which is in traditional blue cheeses.

As with any cheese it is best eaten at room temperature so that the cream and fats with in the cheese soften and reveal their flavours, so it is no wonder that Cornish Blue Cheese has been internationally recognised as World Cheese Awards Champion Cheese in 2010 and Best Blue and English Cheese in 2007.

This delicious yet mild, sweet & smooth cheese will get your taste buds racing this summer so when you next see some pick it up and try it or head to and by some online, you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy Your Weekend





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