Why are there holes in my cheese?!

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This weekend I’m working and taking a visit to Brighton so its a busy weekend for me so I have posted a light hearted but informative post, its short but I hope that it answers a question that has probably been on your mind at some point. So just exactly why are there holes in cheese? Maybe the mouse has eaten it? Perhaps not!

It all starts with Swiss cheese and more so with its production method. In Swiss cheese a starter culture ( A bacteria that is used to form curds & whey) bacteria is added which reacts with the cheese, and then when it is aging its stored at a temperature it reacts to as well. This process forms Carbon Dioxide which stays in the cheese but forms a bubble that over time bursts and causes there to be a hole present. This then provides a trademark to the cheese that is recognised throughout the world. There is nothing more to add to this but I hope that its enlightened you to an interesting piece of cheese knowledge.


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