Cropwell Bishop Beauvale – The most beautiful cheese in all of the Vale’s


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This morning I bring you a new and quite delicious blue cheese that seems to be making quite an impression on blue cheese eaters across the land. Over the last couple of years there has been an increase in the popularity of soft blue cheeses from the continent and now the UK has some fine examples that can rival them. Like this blue cheese from the Cropwell Bishop Creamery that is as smooth and silky as clotted cream, and tastes like a rich blue butter. This cheese is certainly at home in Summer but can be used all year round.

So what makes the Beauvale so beau?

Well it starts with a thought from Robin Skailes & Howard Lucas who hatched the idea of a creamy soft blue cheese. The process then turned into reality and it is produced with the same care and attention as all Cropwell Bishop cheeses. It uses only British milk from and particular cultures that give it its distinctive mellow blue flavour. The cheese is hand ladled by artisan cheese makers into special Beauvale moulds before leaving it to mature for seven weeks. In the seven weeks it is turned by hand and over time it develops a lovely thin crust that is very edible. It uses a pasteurised cow’s milk and a non animal rennet so is suitable for vegetarians.

So what does the branding of Beauvale mean?

Well I’m going to take this paragraph front the Cropwell bishop website which explains it perfectly “The name of Beauvale was conceived by Robin’s friend, Ben.  He’s a rather creative chap and took inspiration from the Vale of Belvoir, which is the name of the area surrounding Cropwell Bishop.  And there’s a story behind Beauvale’s logo too. Children at nearby Manor Farm Montessori School, including Robin’s son, stenciled and coloured the lettering, making Beauvale’s logo truly unique.”

So what do I think?

In one word delicious! This cheese is still relatively new to the UK cheese market but it is certainly making a big impression. I think that this cheese should be tried on your next cheese board as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Use as a different cheese from Stilton or to replace your continental blues or mix into pasta for a an extremely creamy rich dish.

If you enjoy it as much as I do then tweet Cropwell at @YummyStilton or email Robin at as they always want to hear from all you lovely cheese eaters. If you wish to buy some then you can get it here directly from Cropwell Bishop Creamery.

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