Gourmet Grilled Cheese looks set to melt cheese lovers hearts!

10561818_670741043003697_5949560192857670444_nGood Morning Gooey Cheesy1’s,

This week I wish to introduce you to a wonderful new company that has started in Lymington called Gourmet Grilled Cheese. I also wish to introduce to you its owners Emma & Andy who formed the company in November 2013 whose aim is to make deliciously oozy sandwiches that use only the freshest & finest ingredients from local artisan producers to make wonderful cheesy melt creations. Using cheeses from around Hampshire and further afield and including Lyburn cheeses from Landford, which just happens to be one of my favourite producers. With an ever expanding menu they travel to all manner of events to cook these cheesy wonders for the hungry cheese loving public. There isn’t an accessible menu just yet but keep an eye on their website for it to go live and a menu will be included. Not only do they have a stall at markets but they can also cater for your event as well so if you would like any more information you can contact them through Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ukgrilledcheese?fref=ts or through their website at http://www.gourmetgrilledcheese.co.uk/.


On Friday 15th August I got to meet Emma & Andy in Lymington to talk to them more about Gourmet Grilled Cheese and their backgrounds. It was interesting to learn more about them and their story on how Gourmet Grilled Cheese come about.


With that in mind lets start with how Emma & Andy first came up with the idea for grilled cheese sandwiches and oddly it starts with Emma & Andy having a rather dull monotonous time in their life where they want to have some fun & spontaneity so they both stepped out of their jobs, sold their house and went travelling for a year. During their time travelling they discovered many different cuisines but one in particular caught their attention; Haggis! While in Scotland (the home of Haggis) they had many encounters with this Scottish delicacy and as such they loved it so much that they were going to create a business around it, but once out of the Scottish air they then decided that it might be an extremely niche market, and a rethink was needed. While pondering they thought back to one of their friends who is a cheese & wine buff who works with wines in London; this friend was responsible for sparking their interest in cheese. From this point The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Company was born with the goal to provide sandwiches that use fresh, local & artisan products for the highest quality outcome. They experiment nearly every night trying different combinations in grilled cheese sandwiches to decide whether they should be put on the menu or not, it doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend and evening if you ask me!

This brings us to the present day where they recently went to Salisbury food market and the sandwiches went down well with compliments being received from the eaters. So where can I get one I hear you cry! Well you can find out all the event info over at http://www.gourmetgrilledcheese.co.uk/#!about-us/cimj

I wish Gourmet Grilled Cheese the best of luck because they have their cheesy & foodie hearts in the right place because they support the wonderful local produce that we have to offer in this area. Emma & Andy are a genuine and lovely couple who I hope I will have the pleasure in meeting again in the very near future and I wish them every success in their business venture.

For now I leave you with the event page so that you can try one of their delicious sandwiches. I’m planning to support them and I hope you all will as well.

Have a lovely Weekend!


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