Cheeky Traditional Cheddar – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk & Not for Vegetarians (Rind rubbed in pork fat)

Cricketer Traditional

Good Morning Readers,

As promised over the next few weeks I’m going to bring to you a variety of Cricketer Farm cheeses and this week its the Cheeky Traditional cheddar. Below is a description of traditional cheeses from the Cricketer Farm website.

“Our first traditional cheeses were created in the 1940’s and since then the recipe has been handed down through our master cheesemakers. Each year we produce award-winning traditional cheeses, combining intuition with experience and time honoured methods.

The skill of individual cheesemakers is central to our success and the results of our dedication to cheesemaking have been recognised with many national and regional awards.

Our traditional cheeses are made using locally sourced milk, turned by hand, and are checked and monitored to ensure only the finest quality cheese is produced.

Our Farmhouse Cheddar is made as a traditional rinded Cheddar or as a block, our Farmhouse Cheddar is a deliciously smooth cheese with a matured rounded flavour, worthy of its national acclaim.”

Having never tried a traditional cheddar from Cricketer before I was full of anticipation while it was warming to room temperature! I will explain quickly that the reason you let cheese warm to room temperature is to ensure that the fat in the cheese develops its fullest & most exciting flavour prior to it hitting your palate, this technique can also be used for ice cream. It was taken out of its packaging, warmed up and cut ready for it to be savoured. When I first try cheese I try not to add any flavours or accompaniments I just eat as is, because I don’t want to mask the true flavour of the cheese. It now came to a point of trying the cheese (my favourite part!) and it’s texture was firm but on the verge of crumbly, the colour golden and most appetising. The flavour well it was superb mature but not to weak, and it has a creamy buttery edge that makes it so edible you keep going back for more! I love Keens Farmhouse Cheddar (Read More Here: but I found this easier on the palate because its not so grassy which is a characteristic among strong farmhouse cheddars. I could serve this to a discerning palate or somebody who has never experienced a farmhouse cheddar and both would be able to appreciate the flavour from the Cricketer Cheeky Traditional. I personally love the flavour of this cheese and If it was readily available it would be my go to farmhouse cheddar, and it certainly is a cheese to challenge some big contenders.

Serving suggestions for this cheese can be anything from a ploughman’s, to a topping on a shepards pie or lasagne, a lovely cheese on toast or a delicious sandwich. Its overall use should be on a cheeseboard where it can be truly appreciated among crackers & chutneys. I know that this cheese is a little less common in shops but if you can find some then I suggest for you to pick a piece up and try some of this wonderful traditional cheddar.

Have a good weekend!




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