Quantock Gold – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable For Vegetarian’s

Good Morning Cheesy1’s,

Continuing the Cricketer Farm theme is Quantock Gold which is a Somerset cheddar that is made with cream from only Jersey & Guernsey cows, this in turn makes it indulgently smooth & velvety. Quantock Gold is a decadent cheese that is handmade using a traditional recipe, which only uses milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows sourced from local farms. The luxurious characteristics means that Quantock Gold would be suitable for a cheeseboard with some fruit or served with a salad. Until I had visited Cricketer Farm I had never tried this particular cheddar, and I must say that normally I like stronger cheeses but because this has such a full flavour I can really appreciate this cheese. This cheese leaves a lovely creamy residual flavour in your mouth which is long lasting, and becasue this cheese is aimed at an audience that prefer a more rich & mild cheese than a strong & punchy one it means it appeals to a bigger spectrum of buyers.

There isn’t much more to say apart from if you don’t like your cheddars strong but want a flavour you can savour then hunt this cheese down as its will be the one for you. A very nice but a little naughty piece of cheese that will satisfy every taste bud!



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