Boardwalk Candy Palace At Disneyland Paris – Handmade Fudge

Good Morning Cheesy1’s, Just a reblog of my midweek post about fudge from Disneyland Paris 🙂


Bon Matin Madame’s et Monsieur’s,

This week I’m posting midweek and I’m letting my sweet tooth do the talking for me and what better subject to talk about than fudge. Like many of you I expect we have bought & eaten tourist fudge in that picture box, a Cadbury fudge bar or a little rarer from a counter. Now of course nothing beats handmade counter fudge and I have tried many but the place to be for fudge or anything that your sweet tooth may wish upon a star for is the Boardwalk Candy Palace down Main Street U.S.A in Disneyland Paris. Granted you can’t just pop there while you do your daily shop and you may question the quality but believe me they really do care about the quality of food and the magic that it creates when eating, plus the look & smell of the shop is something to behold. But before I really delve…

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