Cheeky Cow 1/2 Fat Cheddar – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable For Vegetarians

Good Morning Cheesy1’s, I have since returned from France and I’m returning to the land of Cricketer for one last time and this one is more interesting than the rest because it is their half fat cheddar; a first for the Cheesy1 blog. I was first introduced to the brand of Cheeky Cow when I met Greg Parsons (MD Of Cricketer) while judging at the Bath & West Show in May. It since then stuck in my mind because I like the tongue & cheek nature of it, this cheese may seem light hearted but its an important and serious step forward for Cricketer Farm. The reasoning behind this move is simply to create their own brand of delicious half fat cheddar and it certainly does deliver. With the consumer ever more hungry for healthier products this couldn’t come at a better time as healthy eating is at the forefront of the foodie world right now, and cheese is no different.

Moove out the way full fat this cheeky cow is half fat!

So how do you make half fat cheese??? Well I can tell you its not as sinister as you might think and it is really so very simple I’m going to put the answer in bold so its a beacon for anyone looking at this post. It uses Semi-Skimmed West Country Milk & slightly less salt in making, that’s it! This means it tastes just like it should which is a smooth & crumbly mature cheddar. On the packet it describes itself as “A great tasting mature cheese made with exactly half the fat of standard Cheddar, Cheeky Cow melts, grates and cooks like a standard cheddar which means it can be used in any cheese recipe.” It really is like cheddar and when eating there isn’t too much difference but hardened cheddar lovers will miss the creaminess that the full fat version provides. It works well as a mature because it has the flavour to make itself pronounced and the hint of a farmhouse texture & taste truly makes it a convincing alternative The crumbly texture may not be to everyone’s liking but it is only 80 calories per 30g so its a not so guilty pleasure to enjoy. I could quite happily feed my cheesy side on Cheeky Cow and it would be satisfied. Available from supermarkets this cheese is certainly worth considering when embarking on a diet or health drive, it is also could just be something different to try on a cheeseboard or cooking. Enjoy Your Weekend! Jon

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