Thomas Tripp, Lymington – Tartiflette & Pancetta Special

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Well on a cold and rather overcast Thursday 12th February I met my friend Genevieve for lunch at our usual haunt the Thomas Tripp, Lymington. This pub really does serve up some good grub and Thursday was no exception when it was offering Reblochon Tartiflette with Pancetta. Having looked at the menu there was only one thing that I was having for lunch and how could a cheese lover turn this option down!

While waiting for our dinners to arrive we had our catch up and a chat but then the aroma of a pungent washed rind cheese filled the air. There was no denying that there was cheese in this meal as the smell hit your nostrils with a sense of urgency. I was also taken back by the size of the portion because even though it was lunch there was plenty to feed somebody else (but this certainly wasn’t for sharing!).  Having learnt my lesson from La Vista I decided to take some photos this time but please do bear with me because they were on my phone.



Of course the only way to really know what a dish is like is to eat it and this didn’t disappoint, because it was smooth, creamy and cheesy just like a tartiflette should be but with the added bonus of having the extra dimension of pancetta. The potatoes cooked perfectly with a little bite but not undercooked added to this dish, and with the saltiness from the pancetta & Reblochon meant they were deliciously moreish. The food served is always delicious and I have never experienced a bad meal/ course from this pub which is commendable. If you’re looking for a warming atmosphere, filling food and a good choice of drinks then there is no better place, plus on select nights they have live music.

I thoroughly recommend the Thomas Tripp, Lymington so book yourself a table today to see for yourself what they have to offer.

Thomas Tripp

Address: Stanford Road, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9GF


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