Why are there blue veins in my Cheddar?! With Help From The Courtyard Dairy


Picture of Hafod Cheddar from The Courtyard Dairy

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Earlier today I was contacted by Andy Swinscoe from The Courtyard Dairy who had originally researched into blue veining and asked if I could collaborate with The Courtyard Dairy on this post, so below is an update to the original post. Enjoy and don’t forget to visit http://www.thecourtyarddairy.co.uk/ the Cheesemonger Of The Year 2013.

Andy Swinscoe, The Courtyard Dairy Andy Swinscoe, The Courtyard Dairy

So why exactly does blue vein start to grow in a Cheddar & other types of cheese that doesn’t have any mould culture in? Well quite simply the air gets into a hole which has either formed when it is turned or has formed a crack during maturation, thus allowing air to create blue veins as the air is reacting with the cheese.

With a little research conducted by Andy Swinscoe from The Courtyard Dairy I can provide a more thorough explanation. When cheese…

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