A Deliciously Brilliant St Patricks Day Cheeseboard

Today is St Patrick’s Day so don’t forget your Irish cheeses 🙂


Good Evening Cheesy1’s,

On Tuesday 17th March is St Patricks Day and with all the preparations that are being made in Ireland I thought I would feature a cheese board comprising of some popular favourites. Where do you start on compiling a board when there are more than 100 different cheeses to choose from! As I have mentioned before try to get a cheese from each milk category and soft, hard, blue etc. This will ensure that you have covered all the bases of a cheese board and a good tip is to buy more of the most popular categories because people will always go back for more cheddar, brie & blue. If you’re on a budget over-cater on some cheaper cheese and under-cater on a more expensive cheese, because you still will be providing all the options but you’ll be watching your bank balance at the same time.

Below are 8 Categories to cover for…

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