Vintage Applewood – A smokey cheese with a bite


Hello Cheesy1’s!

Last week I featured a cheese that a colleague of mine suggested and this week I have chosen another colleague favourite. This week it comes courtesy of Billy Matthews who has asked me to write about Vintage Applewood Smoked Cheddar that is made using a Vintage traditional Cheddar from Somerset. It is a smoked flavoured cheese that is pasteurised & suitable for vegetarians, it is also rubbed in paprika to give it an extra appearance & taste zing! Billy likes the flavour of this cheese and he loves the smokiness of it and so do I because it is versatile. It’s brilliant on a jacket potato, in a sandwich, on a cheese board, on top of a chilli and perfect in a burger because in all of these it provides an extra depth of flavour that unsmoked cheeses just can’t provide. The smoked flavour is slightly sweet and doesn’t leave a burnt flavour behind which you can get on some smoked products.

It is a mass produced cheese from Norseland Cheeses based in Somerset and has been around for at least 15 years but would have been made by Ilchester before a branding change, but don’t let this put you off, because If you like a smoky flavoured cheese & want something that will add a flavour punch to a dish then try this the next time you go shopping.

Have a brilliant weekend!

The Cheesy1

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