A Fest’ That’s ‘Feta’ Than The Rest!


As fresh as the air we breath in Somerset Pippa & Myself were already for a second day at the Cricketer Farm’s Somerset Cheese, Cider & Moozic Fest. Arriving at the festival ground at 1.30pm we embarked on a hunt for the cheese tent for some tasty treats and within a few moments we had cheese in our eye sight.


The 1st table on the right had cheese pong where you could only guess the cheese by it’s smell, and you had 5 attempts to try. I scored 3/5 which wasn’t bad but I should have done better so I will be nosing a lot more cheese now to hone my skills! The table on the left shows how Cricketer Farm makes its cheese from start to finish, or from cow to block!

The 2nd table was full of cheeses from around the world with the aim to chose 5 cheeses for £3, and you then pick your 3 favourites on a scorecard which you are provided with when you order. They then work out the overall winner for the Fest’ 15.


What more can I say as I think the cow says it all! The 3rd Table is of course the Cheeky Cow/ Cricketer Farm table where you could buy cool bags, tea towels and cheese. As I have said many times if you haven’t tried their cheese you simply must!


The 4th table features three Cheesemakers so from right to left you have The Exmoor Blue Cheese Company, Lubborn & The Somerset Cheese Company. All complete with tastings standing by you could sample a variety of cheeses and talk to the people that have a hand in making these gorgeous cheeses.

After eating, smelling and buying we went back out into the main festival area to go and look at the other parts of the Fest’. We decided to use our complimentary cream tea vouchers over at the Cricketer Cafe & Shop which has a brilliant selection of foods & gifts. Once their (a short walk across the road) we took a seat outside and listened to the easy listening music while eating two very lovely scones with Clotted cream & Strawberry jam. Delicious! With the sun out and the music it’s the simple pleasures in life that makes you appreciate what you have so much.

<img src=”https://jhbcheesy1.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/wpid-wp-1434827365739.jpeg?w=388&#8243; alt=”wpid-wp-1434827365739.jpeg” width=”388″ height=”218″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-imag

Sufficiently stuffed from cream tea we returned to the main Fest’ area for some socialising with our new festival friends Anna & Steve and their friends. We just couldn’t resist an ice cream on the way the though!


Another walk around meant I bumped into Lex (left) & Greg (right) the organisers of the Fest’ and of course a ‘cheeky’ photo was needed for my blog post! Returning back to table with Anna & Steve we settled back down for a chat & some music. The day was lovely and relaxing with the mixture of good food, new friends, music and of course cheese!

Tomorrow is the last day of the Fest’ and its the Sunday slow down with a farmers market, so if you like a slower pace with good food then that is the place to be. Its free to everyone so pop along and have a lovely foodie day out!

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