There is no sweeter milk than that of Dolcelatte


Buongiorno Cheesy1’s,

This weekend I’m adding an Italian flair to the my post in honour of Aldo Zilli who is now following me on Twitter (I know small victories) but nonetheless I’m getting rather excited about Italian cheeses. An italian cheese that is a modern classic is Dolcelatte and it has been on the market since the 1960s and has always grown in popularity with a new regular fanbase. Dolcelatte translated simply means ‘Sweet Milk’ and it was developed that way to appeal to the mass UK cheese eating market, also it is suitable for vegetarians & it is pasteurised. With it’s milder flavour and less powerful blue it is a more delectable & subtle cheese that will appeal to a wider audience. It is brilliant with pasta, pizza & risotto but I will let you into a little favourite use of mine; I call it Dolce-Lasagne and it adds an extra edge to a plain ol’ lasagne. All you need to do is make your lasagne like normal but when you add the white sauce add little a slice/ piece of Dolcelatte (Size to your own taste) in each layer and it melts which creates a gooey blue cheese sauce all through the dish. Delicious, simple & cheesy! If that’s not for you then just eat as part of a cheese board with a lovely selection of biscuits & your favourite tipple, but as always remove from the fridge 20 mins before to get the fullest flavour.

If you’re looking for a cheese suitable for Summer with a European flair then look no further than Dolcelatte; a perfect addition to any Summer’s evening.

The Cheesy1


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