Cropwell Bishop White Stilton


This week I bring to you a cheese that is becoming rarer but holds a versatility that many not realise and that cheese is White Stilton.

The White Stilton I have in my fridge at the moment is from Cropwell Bishop and is a crumbly, young & fresh cheese that has a tang to it. Now White Stilton is made without the mould culture added and isn’t matured as long so it won’t taste of a blue Stilton or turn blue (unless it is very old!). It is a very smooth cheese and when at room temperature it has a milkiness which I add into pasta dishes white or red as it makes the sauce creamy & rich. White Stilton is perfect with fruit and that is why it is most popular when blended with fruits, although personally I would rather have the fruit on the side. It may give the appearance that it looks a little plain but don’t judge the book by it’s cover because it holds a tastiness & moreishness that will keep you eating more and may win your heart. Although it is not my absolute favourite cheese I find that it’s versatility more than makes up for other cheeses, because if you want to add cheese to a dish without overpowering, changing the texture & consistency of a meal then you must try White Stilton. When you next go shopping It may be difficult to find in your local store but you can search online for a stockist, persevere and you will be rewarded with a traditional cheese with a fresh flavour.

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