Paxton & Whitfield, Bath


Good Afternoon Cheesy1’s the weekend is almost here!

Yesterday I went to Bath and of course I just had to stop by Paxton & Whitfield to peruse the cheeses on offer. I picked up a Goddess cheese made by Alex James because it won a British Cheese Award and I just had to bring one home to try. It is semi-soft cheese made with Guernsey milk so is rich creamy and a slight citrus note when young. It is coated in a Somerset Cider Brandy giving an orange hue to the rind. The next cheese I purchased was Kelston Park Brie which I was informed that the farm is only 15 minutes away from the shop and is the most local cheese they sell. Earthy, rich and indulgent this Brie was ready to eat and was practically walking out the door by itself. I also bought the bag I’m holding to save me some 5 penny pieces in other shops but also to protect the delicious cheese. It is a lovely & quiet shop on a corner where almost understatedly some of the best cheese around the country & continent sits ready to be purchased and eaten.

I was there for only a short period of time and for a quick photo but I got a couple of lovely cheeses and a visit to a shop that I have always wanted to see. So the next time you are in Bath go to Paxton & Whitefield to check out their cheese.

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