Alex James Presents…


A cheese that was sent from the heavens.

My story around this cheese is interesting because I first discovered it at the British Cheese Awards 2015 where I was judging, and after it won the best washed rind cheese I kept it in my mind to find, and when I visited Paxton & Whitfield I  finally got hold of Goddess! I was yet to try knowing what I was actually trying (When judging you don’t get the names or producers of the cheeses to prevent bias) and I can say that I now have tried it; it is delicious. It is a semi-soft washed rind cheese made with rich & creamy Guernsey milk which gives it an extremely golden colour, but the Temperely Cider Brandy helps with that too. Made by the talented & award winning cheese makers over at White Lake Cheeses in Somerset this cheese just like continental varieties this will develop deeper flavours with age, and will become more paste like & buttery. This shares some similarities with cheeses such as Epoisses or Munster but I don’t find it as sharp as those cheeses. This really needs to be enjoyed as part of a sophisticated cheese board because it is a fine Artisan cheese that shouldn’t be hidden amongst strong flavours or dishes. The idea of this cheese came from Alex James a member from hit UK Band Blur and he has always had a fascination for cheeses and everything Dairy, so when Blur decided to take a break he focused on the curds & whey. The end result is 4 Artisan cheeses all of which you can find out more at and buy online at Pong Cheese. If you are after a selection of extremely delicious Artisan cheeses particularly with Christmas around the corner then you simply must try these cheeses.

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