Would you give up cheese to save the planet?!

Hmm… Food for thought!

In a break from tradition I have a philosophical cheese post this morning, I’m not a scientist and I’m merely just posting this for a five minute think but when I was searching the internet for cheese and I stumbled across this interesting question “Would you give up cheese to save the planet?” I just had to post it on here. Naturally there will be lots of pros & cons and plus this is at the moment a hypothetical question. I have been giving it some thought and I would of course give up cheese as I hope would the majority of people if it was a lifeline for our Planet. As difficult as that conclusion is it surely is worth it for our future generations. Though a life without cheese would be a less fulfilled food experience could this pave a way for a more scientific production of cheese? Maybe even laboratory made?  Having looked at some figures a normal hard cheese weighing in at 1kg produces between 8.8kg to 13kg of CO2 which is fair amount but an average UK citizen over 1 year has a CO2 footprint of 10,800kg (10.8 Tonnes), which is a lot more but think just how many 1kg cheeses are produced in a year; then the figures start to become mind-boggling. Cheese production is unfortunately by nature a very CO2 heavy output because cows aren’t very eco-friendly when it comes to their waste production! To keep it in a simplistic form the way food & cheese is produced is constantly being scrutinised to become more eco friendly and it needs to be with an ever growing population with higher production demands. It is very difficult to surmise what may happen but we will at some point in future years have to make difficult decisions when it comes to foods we can & cannot have. The future of food & its production will go hand in hand with technological advances to help create a more stable & eco friendly outcome; while providing the volume we need but I’m sure that with whatever happens the independent Artisan producers will continue on in a way that creates quality products for us all to enjoy for years to come.

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