New Wensleydale with Lemon Peel & Limoncello added to 2016 range


Good Afternoon Cheesy1’s,

It has been a while but I’m back looking at cheese again and bring you an interesting new Wensleydale for 2016. On the success that Wensleydale Creamery has with its cheeses they have taken their Wensleydale and added lemon peel & limoncello. Now I know what you’re thinking that it will be sharp but that is not the case. In fact it’s more sweet and the milky flavour from the Wensleydale complements the lemon flavours. I love lemon flavoured foods but for me it could be a bit zestier in its lemon flavour. That wouldn’t be for everyone and granted they have probably developed this not to be too zesty so that it appeals to a wider audience. This cheese sits in a strong lineup of blended cheeses from Wensleydale my favourite from this lineup is with cranberries. It may just fall short of what you are expecting because it is a lovely cheese but could have been so much more. I do have an interesting suggestion for a use though and wondered if it could be added to a lemon cheesecake recipe? Just think how the cheese flavour would add to the overall soft cheese flavour to make it stronger and lemon to make it zestier. If anybody tries that then please let me know how it turns out I would love to know. Overall this cheese will add a freshness to your cheeseboard selection and makes a lighter alternative to a flavour added cheese for your guests for after dinner, and it is available to purchase from Waitrose branches.

Have a good afternoon,



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