Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot! Add some spice with Long Clawson Red Leicester With Chilli & Pepper


Good Evening Cheesy1’s,

Are you feeling cold like Autumn is on the way? Well I have solution to spice up your foods with this warming cheese from Long Clawson. This mild & creamy Red Leicester has the addition on some chillies & sweetfire peppers now first thing to say is that the warmth/ spicy notes will change depending on the batch of cheese so be prepared that one maybe mild and the other hot; adds to the excitement though! The sweetness from the peppers gives this cheese a very well rounded flavour which also gives it a perfect taste for a winter warming jacket potato. Holly Mitchell the Waitrose Dibden Cheese Specialist has suggested to serve it melted on nachos as a simple & effective idea to enjoy this cheese. Another simple use is to grate it on top of a Chilli Con Carne to add colour, richness & a milky cooling edge. This cheese is made by Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire this creamery has been there since 1911 and have won numerous awards for their cheeses throughout the years. This interesting savoury blended cheese will add colour & warmth to any cheeseboard but may not be for everyone with its spicy notes. Once you start eating this cheese it is very difficult to stop and I’m struggling to tear myself away from this while writing this post! If you are a fan of more unusual cheeses then this is for you and would suggest for you to pop to your local Waitrose or supermarket to hunt some down to try. With the nights drawing to a close earlier and with the seasonal events like Halloween & Guy Fawkes coming this cheese would be perfect these colder evenings.

Have a spicy evening,



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