A hearty Havarti for your tastebuds


Good Afternoon Cheesy1’s,

Today I decided to purchase a cheese that somebody recommended to me and it comes from the House Of Costello which is under Arla Dairies. The original cheese dates back to 1920 but this variety is bit more modern. Havarti itself is a semi hard cows milk cheese from Denmark which can used as a table cheese, for melting or grilling. An interesting thing to note is that this cheese is naturally rindless and is a washed curds cheese making it more moist & softer.

So what does it taste like?


To start with its soft to the bite which is quite pleasant within the world of cheese and has a very golden pale colour which is appealing. Its aroma is strong like a vintage cheddar but with a sweet richness. It is similar to Tickler cheddar cheese, so much so that to the untrained it would be hard to distinguish. It has a taste profile which is the current trend because its salty, sweet, rich, buttery & creamy. I personally love those flavour combinations because if you buy a cheese in the lower to mid range bracket (like this one £2.65) you get a lot of flavours for your money; particularly if its for a cheese board. I found the taste pleasant and rich and like the packet says with a caramel note to it. This is such a good cheese to eat on its own because it just packs in so much flavour and is a must to try at such a good price. It is suggested on the Castello  website to pair it with a fruity white wine, crusty bread, figs or apples. Overall I can really rate this cheese and must thank the Customer for suggesting it to me and I certainly will be suggesting it to people in the future.

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