A cave of wonders with the Wookey Hole Goats Cheese

Wookey Goats

Good Evening Cheesy1’s,

Over the next few weeks I will be featuring new cheeses that I discovered at the Royal Bath & West Show, some are unique and others that are just downright delicious! It was a brilliant day of Judging with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May making a surprise appearance and I was able to exchange a handshake & pleasantries. It was a long day with Judging starting at 9am and I finished just short of 4pm, I think this year I may have Judged close to 50-80 cheeses.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May samples cheese at the Royal Bath and West Show in Shepton Mallet

Moving on to the first cheese I have tried and its become a favourite of mine it is the Wookey Hole Cave Aged Goats Cheese. What an absolutely brilliant cheese! As you may have seen in the past I love their normal Cave Aged Cheddar and thought that this can’t be as good but it is really close for me to decide.


Pale and white this goat’s cheese contains a sweetness that is hard to find in a goat’s milk cheese and it has the edge of the earthy cave taste which is also found in its cow’s milk rival. A cave is a perfect environment to mature & nurture cheeses because of its temperature, moisture & humidity and it will develop flavours in cheese that can’t be replicated in man made environments. The Cave Aged Goats Cheese from Ford Farm follows the same techniques as the Cow’s Milk Cheddar. They source the milk from South West based Bromes Farm, whose herd of 1,200 Toggenburgh and Saanen exclusively supply Ford Farm.

The milk that is used to produce this cheese is rich, creamy and doesn’t have any ‘goaty’ notes that you would associate with. The smell is buttery and I find the taste on initial eating is similar to fudge which then develops into a balanced & interesting goats cheese which offers complexity that doesn’t go to the point of confusing the palate. If you want to enjoy this cheese with a drink a young white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc would work the best.

Overall this is a delicious cheese with a moreish taste and even if you don’t think goat’s cheeses are for you then you simply have to try this cheese. It is available to purchase online direct from Ford Farm just click the pic below to take you there.

Wookey Goats

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