Rummaging for a fine soft cheese? You need to sniff out the Truffler


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This week we move on to a more unique cheese that was suggested for me to try from the Royal Bath & West show, its called The Truffler and is made by Curds & Croust in Cornwall. Over the last year I have tried some fantastic English soft cheeses and this is another one to add to the list and I must add here that we should lose the image of not producing good or tasty soft cheeses in this country, it just needs some effort to find the good ones. I think that we are producing a wide spectrum of tastes & flavours that are making our soft cheeses interesting and unique.


What makes this cheese unique?

Well Curds & Croust source their milk locally within 30 miles of the dairy which in ensures a good curd and then a good cheese. They also work seasonally with the milk to always get the best cheese possible at that particular time of the year.  The truffle oil that they use to make the Truffler is specially selected for its aroma and delicacy to add to the cheese. This cheese is delicate with its fluffy white mould and creamy soft golden centre but with the addition of truffle oil it has a savoury mushroom/garlic edge that compliments perfectly the earthy, robust & moreish cheese. The rind has a bitterness like most but that won’t distract you from the buttery, rich paste that forms when in the mouth. For a flavour added cheese this has the beautiful balance between flavour & cheese because some flavours can just overpower the cheese but this does not. Curds & Croust produce a selection of soft cheeses so I’m going to have to work my way through them to experience the complete flavour profiles in their cheeses.

With summer supposedly hot on our heels this is perfect cheese to have with a glass of red in the garden with an al fresco cheese board. It is available to purchase online from British Fine Foods is if you are rummaging for a unique cheese then look no further.

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