Norton’s Soft Cheeses a delicious delight


Good Afternoon Cheesy1’s,

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Norton’s Dairy which produces deliciously rich & smooth dairy products from yogurt to soft cheese. Since 1946 Norton’s have been dairy-farming but what makes them unique is that they use robotic milking so the cows choose when to be milked and every cow has a two month holiday every year which gives them a rest to produce some delicious milk when they return. With a herd of just 70 cows they have time to care for each cow. Every cow has a name and incredibly most are distant descendants of the handful of cows who made up our original herd. They also try to feed them using home-grown foods as well.

Through various teachings I have been trained & taught how to recognise flavours & quality that are associated with high quality milk and the way the animals have been looked after, but the products I tasted here are in a different league. The salivating inducing flavours of richness that burst through make you crave more with every bite you take, throw in the sweetness of the red grape and it is a symphony of flavours. The products ooze quality and you can tell that from start to finish the cows are looked after. Having only discovered Norton Dairy last month at the Royal Bath & West show I decided to contact them to get some more deliciousness, and very kindly Emily responded and sent out this little selection to me. Having tried the selection my favourite is actually a surprise to me but it is still the soft lavender and I have included a video about the cheese which won Best In Category Flavour Added at the British Cheese Awards 2017.

As you can see they really do care about how the cows are feeling to make the best possible produce they can. I love these products and I must at some time visit the farm to see 1st hand how they farm and how they make their products. With Summer here this is perfect weather for this style of cheese and add it into cheesecakes and my gosh it will be a dessert to behold; particularly if you use the St Swithins with Strawberries.

Moving to their natural yogurt it is light with the richness but with the subtle bitterness you would expect with it being a natural yogurt. It is pale white with an ever so slightly golden hue but try it with your breakfast muesli/ granola or with a bowl of fruit. I normally don’t eat natural yogurt but this has tempted me to try it more.

Overall Norton’s Dairy produces some wonderfully delicious dairy products and if you ever get the chance to try them you must. They have a website over at with an email address where they can help you source some of their dairy products.

I will leave you to have a good afternoon and I will be eating some more of this delicious cheese on a cracker I think.


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