The day that changed my tastes to Roquefort

Good Morining Cheesy1,

Yesterday while out at my local Costco they had a tasting of Roquefort cheese in particular the Roquefort Papillon Rouge. Now anybody that knows my cheesy likes knows that this doesn’t feature very high up. I appreciate the cheese and what it represents in place, prestige, tradition and the importance of the cheese having the first protection status in France but it just never floats my cheese boat; until yesterday. In the space of a few seconds of spotting it I thought I would get my cheese judge & guild head on and be subjective. It turns out that I didn’t need to try because I genuinely liked it and found it intensely smooth and paste like. The version they had on tasting was the rouge pictured below.

Roquefort AOP Papillon RougeIt features all the characteristics of a Roquefort but I found it less sharp & salty with a more balanced blue. Like I said it is easier to breakdown into a paste and is richer in the mouth as described by Roquefort like a “Fondant”. As with any Roquefort its flavour is long lasting and can be savoured long after the initial taste. I was pleased that I actually found a Roquefort I could appreciate but I didn’t make a purchase as other cheeses were on the list plus I would have to have eaten it all!

There is so much history to this cheese and the website that Roquefort have is so good you should head over and have a read, just click here.

What more can I say apart from I’ve had my taste buds opened to this cheese and will now be more adventurous when it comes to Roquefort.

Have a good day!

The Cheesy1

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