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Good Evening Cheesy1’s,

On Saturday 3rd February at Beaulieu Village Hall (SO42 7YA) is a launch evening for some very exciting developments for the Cheesy1 world. It starts at 7pm and finishes at 10pm so drop in at whatever time you would like. There will be samples served in a unique way and some light refreshments. I hope the Evening is a success and I would love to see as many of you as I can at the event to talk cheese! I’m very excited and of course passionate about cheese so to find out more about the event head over to the Facebook page here.

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This is the official page for the Cheesy1 Blog. I'm a Cheese Writer/Advisor, Judge & former Guild of Cheese Graders member. I'm also available as a Professional Cheese Speaker. I'm passionate about cheeses and local produce but in my own unique cheesy way. If you have any questions please ask me via my blog or e-mail me at and I shall try to be as helpful as possible. Thank you for showing an interest in my Blog. Cheesy1

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