Another fantastic British Cheese Awards at Royal Bath & West Show 2018.


Good Morning Cheesy1’s,

I think by now all the cheese I tried at the British Cheese Awards has finally been digested and what another superb year it was for the Awards particularly on it’s 25th Anniversary. This year I was Stewarding to see things from a different perspective and I quite enjoyed it the new experience. I had to arrive slightly earlier for a briefing and to assign ourselves to a table as we would be responsible for helping the Judges and keeping the table tidy after. I immediately recognised Nicola Beardmore (Young Cheesemonger of the Year 2018) and we had a brilliant day catching up and talking cheese, we should hopefully bump into each other at the International Cheese Awards as well.  When the Judges arrived there was another briefing which explained how the day was going to take shape.


Let the Judging begin!

The day then starts as it always does with palpable cheesy excitement taking over the room and the eagerness to crack open the first cheese. I decided to assign myself to Traditional PDO Cheddar’s & Double Gloucester as I have always wanted to Judge these but never had the opportunity to. What a brilliant decision this was because I got to aid some brilliant Judges including Charles Campion (Food Critic) and my Friend Mary Quicke (Quickes Cheddar).  It was good to listen to their thoughts on this prestigious class.

Look how beautiful this PDO Cheddar is!

Moving on I took a lunch break and I went and bought some fabulous Flapjacks from Flapjackery and you must try one if you see them out & about as they are simply amazing! I also went round to the cheese tent to see what was being sold in there and the kind people from Davidstow Cheddar gave me piece to try. It was a lovely Cheddar because I love the richness that you get from Davidstow cheeses but it also had the crunch as well.


After my very quick look round it was time to return for the afternoon which was spent aiding the Judges with the ‘best of’ class winners. It was then time for a very amazing experience and that was the Judging of Supreme Champion.


A small group gathered for this and the legendary Michel Roux Snr. provided his thoughts as Special Guest Judge for the 25th Anniversary.  He was so succinct with his responses but to the point, no word was used unnecessarily and he quite simply optimised a person who had dedicated his life to his craft.

Far Left: Mike Pullin Left: Michel Roux Right: Juliet Harbutt Far Right: Mary Quicke

Even though everyone looks serious in this photo it is one of the most special photos I have to date of me in the cheese world. Just look who I’m surrounded by! Three people I get to call Friends and one of the most renowned chefs in the world. If I ever needed a photo to act as a reminder to my continuing hard work and unwavering dedication to the cheese & dairy industry this would be it. With this moment forever being captured it was time to call the Supreme Champion which for 2018 it is Sheep Rustler from White Lake Cheeses. It was at this point I had to say my farewells and depart from another memorable British Cheese Awards where next year it is my aim to once again attend as a Judge.

It is always a brilliant event and the Royal Bath & West Show as a whole is one of the best shows to visit in the country.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the 2019 show brings and now onto the International Cheese Awards!

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