Jonathan Broomfield appointed a UK Ambassador of the International Cheese & Dairy Awards.

Hello Cheesy1’s,

I hope you are all well wherever you may be reading this and that Cheese has provided a welcome adventure for you during the periods of lockdown. In fact for most the delivery of a cheese parcel has allowed a connection to develop directly with the cheesemaker/ cheesemonger & the public. I’m an advocate of this and truly believe this should be a lasting bond and not a memory of the past lockdowns. A part of this connection is events that have been rescheduled & cancelled with cheese awards being no exception, but they are on the horizon ready in the background to restart. They are hugely important for both the industry & consumer just like the Oscars give you sense of films you should take an interest in; the same with the International Cheese & Dairy Awards (ICDAs). At some point you may have either bought a cheese with the logo adorned or searched out the latest winners for you to try on your board.

This is where the International Cheese & Dairy Awards want to help bridge the gap. They have appointed a carefully selected group of passionate cheese individuals from all corners of the globe to shine the beacon of the awards in their respective countries and allow a deeper connection with cheese lovers.

I’m pleased to announce that I have been appointed as an Official UK Ambassador for the ICDAs and it will be my aim to bring my enthusiasm that you have come to know & love of the Cheesy1 to the role.

This particular cheese awards is the largest in the world and has been running for 125 years but a change was needed. This year the Awards will be moving to the Staffordshire Showground and run alongside the Love Cheese Live show (22nd-23rd October 2021) which will be accessible to all cheese enthusiasts. It will contain a wonderful selection of exhibitors for the public to delve into the cheesy world and discover new food favourites. It will be an honour to work alongside a likeminded passionate team who will bring the global cheese community together for what is sure to become the cheese event of the year.

Thank you to the International Cheese & Dairy Awards for this recognition and I look forward to supporting the show,

Jonathan Broomfield


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This is the official page for the Cheesy1 Blog. I'm a Cheese Writer/Advisor, Judge & former Guild of Cheese Graders member. I'm also available as a Professional Cheese Speaker. I'm passionate about cheeses and local produce but in my own unique cheesy way. If you have any questions please ask me via my blog or e-mail me at and I shall try to be as helpful as possible. Thank you for showing an interest in my Blog. Cheesy1

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