The Courtyard Dairy Online Store

Let me introduce you to The Courtyard Dairy the Cheesemongers of the year 2013, who I will be featuring on this page to provide you with an online cheese store for all your cheese needs!

So please click the link below or whenever you see it featured in a post to take you to their store to buy some wonderful cheese.

“The Courtyard Dairy cheesemongers know the background and the stories behind the cheeses they sell, by making regular visits to the cheese-makers, talking cheese with them, and helping with the production.
The knowledgeable background of The Courtyard Dairy cheesemongers includes a scholarship in Cheese Maturing from The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, an apprenticeship in Affinage (cheese ageing) in France, together with working for some of the UK’s top cheesemongers, from Borough Market to deep Cheddar country in Somerset.”
– Andy Swinscoe

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