About the Cheesy1


Hello Cheesy1’s,

I would like to personally welcome you all to my cheese blog where I hope it will be informative & fun with many tasty cheeses to read about, but also grab your interests so that you can follow me through my Cheesy1 adventures.

My name is Jonathan Broomfield and I would like to personally welcome you to the Cheesy1 website. Its purpose is to provide a one-stop-shop for all things cheese: planning and booking bespoke cheese events, exploring the Cheesy1 blog, hiring me for judging and grading, in addition to providing an online cheese shop through my partnership with The Courtyard Dairy. All this at the click of a button!

I am a trained cheese specialist with 13 years’ experience in selling cheese. Back in 2013 my life took an unexpected turn when I had the pleasure of meeting Genevieve Cain (then Editor of Allrecipes UK) and with her help the Cheesy1 blog was born. It has now received over 22,900 visitors and has been viewed in over 100 countries and featured in the ‘top 50 cheese blogs of 2017’. A big part of the Cheesy1 blog is about building relationships with cheesemakers and purveyors by telling their stories and understanding their methods for making and/or selling cheese. Quickes, Cropwell Bishop, Lyburn and the Ludlow Food Centre have all been popular articles and I enjoy continuing to promote them.

In 2014 I attended a Discover the Origins masterclass where I had the pleasure of meeting Juliet Harbutt. After talking for some time that evening, she invited me to judge at the British Cheese Awards; five years later and I am professionally judging in the British Cheese Awards and the International Cheese Awards.

In 2016 I got in touch with Bruce Macdonald – the former Chairman of the International Cheese Awards and member of the Guildes Des Fromagers – who at the time was setting up the Guild of Cheese Graders.  As a former member the Guild has been a great way for Bruce to impart his vast knowledge of cheese, judging and grading which he has amassed over the past 30 years and I enjoyed being a part of it.

Since 2016 I have been providing cheese talks around the United Kingdom including Rotary Clubs, WI groups and village festivals. The feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive and I am delighted with their success. With all this in mind, In 2018 I am excited to launch this website to provide a cohesive identity to all facets of my Cheesy1 business, and also to share my passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for cheese with all. You can also visit my cheesy1.uk site for more information.

 The Cheesy1 Aim

“My aim is to help Cheesemakers exposure to support our dairy trade. With my passion & enthusiasm I’m determined about getting their message & products out into the world. Through this aim I can  provide my clients with a professional, knowledgeable & cohesive bespoke cheese event service to cater for all.”

Jonathan Broomfield

All content, recommendations and comments are entirely my own and do not express the views or opinions of Waitrose Limited, John Lewis Plc, or any company within the John Lewis Partnership.”


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