Rosary Garlic & Herb Soft Goats Log

Goats cheese and grapes

Left: Rosary Ash, Centre: Rosary Plain, Right: Rosary Garlic & Herb

Good Afternoon Cheesy1’s,

This weekend I’m featuring Rosary Garlic & Herb goat’s cheese a lovely soft & zesty fresh flavoured cheese with the savoury edge of the garlic & herb. It is made by The Moody family in Landford just outside of Salisbury and has been since 1988. They have their own small herd of goats which they milk themselves for consistency. In 2014 I awarded this cheese Supreme champion at the British Cheese Awards because it was beautifully perfect and the stand out cheese. With a Mousse like texture which is light & savoury it is the perfect cheese for a biscuit or for a salad. Add in the middle of a ravioli case for an interesting  pasta dish with a tomato based sauce.

Award winning english goats cheese from Rosemary Goats Cheese

There was a stage where goats cheese was seen as a boring alternative to cow’s milk but now they are current & modern in flavours and it is perfect for a healthier you and if you suffer from lactose intolerance goats & sheeps milk will aid you.

Get Rosary goats from Waitrose or direct from Rosary here.

The Cheesy1


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