Godminster Cheddar – Organic, Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable For Vegetarians

Godminster Cheddar Truckle

This cheese is certainly a sought after cheese with style. A description from Phil Coyle sums this cheese up perfectly “Try Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar presented in a distinctive purple wax a true powerful flavour that last with lovely creamy texture” On a side note you can purchase this cheese from Phil Coyle at The Cheese Press here http://thecheesepress.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=godminster&product_id=175 or Godminster directly at http://www.godminster.com/.

The purple wax makes this cheese stand out from the crowd and makes it easy for the customer to remember. But Its the taste of this cheese that really does make it one of the best out there. Its smooth texture and creaminess starts to fill the mouth, then the strong vintage flavour works through to the palate with a cheese sensation. This cheese is beautiful and certainly makes a lovely addition to any cheese board. But this cheese has several other tricks in its rind, because its suitable for vegetarians and its also organic so this means that it suits a variety of tastes.

So if you haven’t tried this cheese then head over to The Cheese Press or Godminster to buy some today.

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2 thoughts on “Godminster Cheddar – Organic, Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable For Vegetarians

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