Pont L’Eveque AOP- Soft Cheese, Pasteurised (Can Be Unpasteurised) Cow’s Milk, Unsure On Vegetarian Status


Hello Readers,

I bring you a cheese dating back as far as the 12th Century and one of the most popular cheeses in France, Pont L’Eveque. Local legend has it that this cheese was first made in a Norman Abbey but whether that’s true or not nobody really knows. What we do know is that this cheese became more popular in the 16th century when it took on the name of the village it was made in Pont L’Eveque.


Its a soft washed rind cheese with a good pungency and a cauliflower/ mushroom flavour. The appearance of this cheese is square and it always should be because it is protected by AOP/AOC it has to follow that shape. I purchased this cheese from the French Market in Hythe (See http://jhbcheesy1.com/2014/06/13/french-market-comes-to-hythe-friday-13th-june-2014/) and I couldn’t wait to have some. When I got home I sliced some bread, cut some cheese and away I went with some beautiful flavours to marvel. I was whisked away to a sunny, breezy French field and I very much enjoyed it. The flavour of the of the cheese is creamy & smooth but with a strong edge similar of a Brie De Meaux. The bread was a Pain Au Levian from Waitrose which uses a French white flour and is beautifully light on the inside but has a good golden crust on the outside, the two together work perfectly and Pont L’Eveque is available to purchase from Waitrose as well.

This cheese works beautifully with a cold French cider or a drink from the Normandy region, serve with a crusty French bread and some lovely jam or chutney and it doesn’t get much better. I really like this cheese and it is thoroughly appreciated throughout the cheese lovers world, but don’t forget there are some beautiful soft English cheeses as well; you just have to look a little longer.


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