Quickes Traditional Goats Cheese




Good Morning Cheesy1’s,

In a return to my colleagues cheese selections this week I’m featuring Quickes Goats Cheddar which both Georgie Ferrar & Malain Cornock pick out as their favourite. Quickes is based in Devon which is run by Mary Quicke MBE and is extremely passionate & knowledgeable in her cheese field. Quickes Goats is matured for around 6-7 months, and goes through a cheddaring process just as their other cheeses would. It develops a unique flavour which doesn’t form as a strong goaty flavour but it has a more clean but buttery flavour and continues into a nuttiness similar to an almondy flavour. Being a goat’s cheddar it pairs well with a pear cider, ale or a stout. It also has many uses from a goat’s cheese scone to a summer salad, but Georgie says she likes to enjoy it on a cracker as a snack or just on its own. This cheese is suitable for vegetarians and is a good cheese for a goats milk newcomer or to the sophisticated cheese palate who might desire a more complex flavour.

Available to purchase from Waitrose or from Quickes directly http://www.quickes.co.uk/index.php?pg=onlineshop this is definitely a cheese to try as we move into the Summer months!




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