Stinking Bishop- Washed Rind, Cow’s Milk, Pasteurised and Vegetarian ( For you Julia Attwood x)

A lovely mild, supple, rich & sweet washed rind cheese
A lovely mild, supple, rich & sweet washed rind cheese
Well my first cheese feature was of Epoisses washed rind cheese but as lovely as it may be it isn’t suitable for Vegetarians. I had a request to find a cheese similar to this, which is just as gooey and suitable for vegetarians. So here we are! Stinking Bishop! And boy does it stink πŸ˜‰ The pungent yet hunger inducing smell comes from the cheese which is washed in Perry Pear Cider, and the name Stinking Bishop comes from the pear that makes the cider, then used to wash the cheese. Created in 1972 by Charles Martell it has become one of most well-known cheeses in the UK.

This cheese takes between 5-8 weeks to mature and develops a rich, sweet & mild paste which is lovely & supple. This cheese can be enjoyed with pears or a robust red wine. A Pinot Noir matches very well with Stinking Bishop.

I hope this fits the bill Julia and its available online from

Please go and try this cheese as its a wonderfully produced artisan cheese from the UK.

Until next time my cheese lovers!

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4 thoughts on “Stinking Bishop- Washed Rind, Cow’s Milk, Pasteurised and Vegetarian ( For you Julia Attwood x)

  1. This looks and sounds brilliant – and perfect for us – THANK YOU!
    We have a special tin for storing Tim’s ardrahan – how does this compare for stinking out the fridge?


  2. A couple of fine Westcountry rind washed cheeses for you to try are Keltic Gold by Sue Proudfoot of Whalesborough, Cornwall washed in Cornish Cider & Rainbows Gold a unpasteurised Channel Island milk cheese washed in Glastonbury Ale by Philip Rainbow of The Somerset Cheese Co. Ditcheat available at


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