Lightwood Chaser – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Suitable For Vegetarians

This is one of six cheeses produced by Phil Hulland at Lightwood Cheese and my is it luxurious. Produced with milk from his own Cows this cheese is utterly delightful with its lovely creaminess comparable to a Chaource, Vignotte or Vallage . I had the pleasure of trying this cheese with the Phil at the Food Expo and even in an environment which was full of brash noises, smells and people you can be transported to a place of absolute luxury & serenity when eating just a smidgen of this wonderful cheese.

You can serve this as part of a cheese board or own its own with biscuits and a glass of your favourite as this really does have a flavour to be savoured. There is nothing more to say about this cheese apart from if your looking for a fabulous alternative to a French creamy soft cheese but not a brie look no further than this, it will provide you with everything in flavour & texture that will keep you raiding the fridge for more.

It is available to purchase online from you can pick a 250g piece up for £5.50 which represents good value for money as well!


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