Burt’s divine cheese

Good Afternoon Cheesy1’s,

This week I’m doing a small feature about a cheese brought to me by my Mum & Sister after their visit to The Cheese Shop, Wales. It is made by Burt’s Cheese in Cheshire and is a soft cheese washed in cider and wrapped in vine leaves. It came to market in 2015 and has gone on to win a Gold British Cheese Award for Best New Category. It is similar to a washed rind cheese and should be golden in colour. the example I have hasn’t ripened and is still quite young so it is milky & sharp, not creamy & smooth. I can see that once it has ripened and is running into a paste it would be delicious. The look is unusual with the vine leaves and stands out on a cheese board which not only will delight visually but in taste as well. If you get one and it isn’t quite ripe then just like brie leave it at room temperature and help it along its way, you should be rewarded with the creamy paste that you desire. The fact that this product is handmade can be tasted with its buttery flavour and its visual look, means that this cheese oozes quality.

It is a relatively new cheese but head over to Burt’s Cheese stockists to find out where you can get hold of some today to make your day just Divine.

Have a lovely rest of the week,

The Cheesy1

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