Beppino Occelli & some superb new cheeses debut at Waitrose

Seasons Greetings from Beppino Occelli

Christmas is underway and Waitrose has decked the halls with a new selection of cheeses on the counters across the country. This has led to a new discovery in my cheese field Beppino Occelli and it has become one of my new favourites. Having tried their Verzin cheese (Which is creamy, blue, superb & a must try) through to their butter (Made with cream as well!) I would suggest anyone try these wonderful cheeses.

So for Christmas 2013 I would suggest to any of you to pop along to your local Waitrose and speak to the Partner or Specialist behind the cheese counter and delve into a new cheese adventure today, we are always happy to help and there is certainly something we can tempt your cheese taste buds with.


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